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Our Privacy Policy

The following statement with respect to the privacy policy of Shree Ji Packers & Movers discloses the information/data gathering practices, dissemination practices for all our domains, and our firm commitment to ensure complete client’s data security. You can visit most of our websites without disclosing all your personal information.

Usage of Collected Information:-

Shree Ji Packers & movers are sole proprietors of your provided information on our website and we do not sell, share or rent your personal information to others websites in any other way which has not been mentioned in this statement. The users may be required to render their personal information at few different points on the site but the purpose of collecting the information will be stated on those pages. The user’s information is utilized to offer better services to them in a particular area.

The client’s data security:-

In order to provide high-quality services, sensitive user information gets a transfer on the site, but all the transmissions in between client and servers are encrypted with standard SSL protocol. Even our employees have defined and restricted level of access to the user’s information and this access or authority is been allotted to them based on their responsibilities.

Log Files:-

The Shree Ji Packers & Movers make use of IP addresses of their client’s for tracking and analyzing the user’s movements within Shree Ji Packers & Movers, to analyze website user’s trends, and to properly administer the website. The gathering of broad demographic material about the users helps us to make necessary updations and changes to our website.

Cookies: –

When you visit any website, a piece of data containing your information gets stored on the hard drives of your system which is termed as Cookie. Shree Ji Packers & Movers make use of Cookie for customization purposes, session continuity, and security purposes.If you reject the Cookie storage, you can still access most part of our website excepts some of the particular services or features of the website.

Links to other websites:-

You many encounter links of some other websites on our site but Shree Ji Packers & Movers are not liable for the content, materials, terms and conditions, and privacy policy of those websites.

Contact Us:-

If you have any queries or inquiries about our privacy policy statement, the practices we have adopted, and doubts with respect to the dealing of the site, you can contact us at our branches numbers ( check your state Shree Ji website to get contact number of your state branch) or can write e-mail to us at .

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