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Best tips for packing and moving your kitchen stuff. (Ambala)

Moving to another house or apartment the most boring thing is to do the packing of your household stuff. Through all this process packing your kitchen stuff is most boring and time-consuming work. As our kitchen contains lots of small and sharp things. All the pans, pots, cutlery, utensils, dishes, appliances, chairs, table etc have to be packed well and very carefully. This makes packing and moving of the kitchen more complicated than packing other rooms stuff in the house.

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Here are some tips for packing and moving household objects in the more convenient way.

1 ) Take out all the material and separate them by their category. Then choose that which item do you want to take with you and which is no more in use for you. First, throw all the stuff which you don’t want to take with you and then check out all the drawers to make sure that nothing is left behind.

2) Now get plenty of packing material like boxes, bubble sheet, tapes, and lamination. You will need boxes of different size for the different type of material. The company through which you are shifting your house will provide you all the required material.

3) Keep a marker or a pen to mark on the boxes so that when you are unpacking your stuff it becomes easy for you to identify which material is inside the box. Try to be specific for ex. write crockery on the box, not just kitchen it will help you a lot at the time of unpacking and rearranging your kitchen.

4) Now first start packing all the heavy material out there in the kitchen. The item like refrigerator, oven, and RO are to be packed first. Then after packing all the heavy material keep them aside.

5) Now go for all the small things like dishes, pans, pots, utensils, and glass out there. First rap all the stuff with bubble set and tape then put them into the boxes of their respective sizes.

6) Between all this take special care of all the breakable items out there. The boxes in which all the glass and breakable items are put keep them aside and take care that they are not buried down while loading your stuff. Keep them on the top of all material.

7) At last after packing all the stuff of the kitchen and house the time come for loading all the packed stuff into a vehicle. When loading your all the stuff take care that first, you load your heavy material like the bed, Almirah, refrigerator, table, and chairs and after loading all the heavy stuff now go for the kitchen applicants. Put them into vehicle very carefully and keeping in the mind that the stuff does not move anywhere in the moving vehicle.

Follow these simple tips to avoid any type of harm to your precious kitchen stuff and have a happy and hassle-free moving.

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